A comprehensive program for safe deacidification, cleansing and slimming the body.
15 years ago, Otto Horak, PhD in medical sciences, developed a simple method based on the physiological reactions of our body, using the two most important factors in the prevention:
1. remove from the body what is harmful to it (cleansing the human body of toxic substances)
2. introducing into the body what it needs (nutrition - providing substances that it needs for proper functioning).
To run a fully correct OWN Health Improvement Program you need: willingness and knowledge of a few simple recommendations and a set of appropriate products.
Each person who implements the program will achieve:
- adequate hydration of the body
- cleansing the body of toxic substances
- establishing the acid-base balance (deacidification)
- body weight normalization
- feeding the body with substances necessary for proper functioning
About 400,000 people have already benefited from Dr. Otto Horak's Health Prophylaxis program and the number is constantly growing. The treatment is conducted by certified consultants and is highly effective. Almost 95% of people who have benefited from Dr. Horak's treatment confirm the improvement of their general health.
The basic mechanism of the treatment is deacidification, cleansing and nourishment at the tissue and cellular level.
An additional effect is the return to the optimal body weight, depending on the need, weight loss or, in the case of underweight, weight gain.
During the treatment, the body rebuilds muscle mass by itself, burns unnecessary fats and thus restores the optimal body weight. The treatment itself only creates the right conditions for our "inner doctor" to do what he is supposed to do. At the same time, no onerous diets are used, and even less counting or limiting calories.
A positive change in body weight occurs "from the inside", thanks to which the "yo-yo" effect does not occur, and it happens, of course, without draconian exercises in the gym.
We talk about "weight loss" with this treatment more and more often, and this is because nearly 60% of the British population is more or less overweight, which is due to stress, a sedentary lifestyle and other elements of civilization that help us on the one hand, and on the other hand harm.
In addition, almost everyone has a body contaminated with toxic substances based on acids and what seems absurd at first glance, malnourished with substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body. At this point I want to mention that the Health Prevention Program creates ideal conditions for "burning" internal fat, the so-called visceral or abdominal. Internal fat overgrowth is extremely dangerous. It is the proverbial highway to heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
How is Dr. Otto Horak's treatment going?
It is best to meet and have a short half-hour conversation during which you will be introduced to the details of the treatment and its course. You will learn how to apply this program. Additionally, a measurement will be performed on a certified body composition analyser. From the measurement you will find out what your body "looks like" from the inside. The program is intended not only for obese and overweight people, but also for people who are underweight or overweight.
We would like to point out that this program is not just another diet, but a comprehensive health improvement program with a simultaneous body weight normalization effect.
We cordially invite you to take part in this program. HELP YOURSELF!.
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